Thursday, September 23, 2010


SO! I was assigned to look up information about Ursula K. LeGuin. Seems cool enough. Except that all the sites with more than just her biography aren't allowed because they aren't EDU sites. they're all dot coms and the like. which is makin me crazy.
how am i supposed to get 12 slides out of that?

An Hour to Kill

I don't have class until 6. I've done my homework for that class, no biggie. Don't really feel like thinking about the homework I've got for my other classes. It makes me feel sick.
Psychology was canceled Monday b/c the teacher had some family thing.
Math is boring the hell outta me. Lit sucks because we've finished the poetry portion and are now heading on to the Short Stories section. Which means : PRESENTATIONS.
Why does the Earth never open up and swallow you whole like you wish it would?
As much as I don't care about things, I hate to speak in front of people. I am terrible w/the whole Eye Contact part b/c, really, who gives a fuck? No one is paying attention anyway, why would u wanna look at them and SEE that? i mean, not exactly a way to inspire confidence. the only good thing about today is that i woke up late and STILL managed to get to class on time. early even. plus there's this really cute guy working at the Library desk that i can see through the glass in this cubicle. yeah, a cubicle. as if having to work wouldn't suck already, we have to feel like we're working even now. it sucks.
wow, i need to broaden my vocabulary. but i'm just so damned tired.
and i have a headache and the sky is all gloomy and cloudy and gah.
stupid weather. man he is cute. in a side-path, off-beat sort of way. you know, like he has NO IDEA that he is cute b/c it isn't a Traditionally Obvious way? Yeah. anyways. wow i've been typing a whole 6 minutes. this is gonna take a while.

and all because FACEBOOK is having issues with its SERVER.... AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Too Much/Not Enough,