Monday, June 6, 2011

Alanda McRae
Okay. First off, the least you could do is RESPOND to mom & I when we message you. That crap you told Tia about us having to get you while you aren't working is exactly that. CRAP. Do you think we're psychic, Matthew? Because how are we supposed to know when the hell you're working? And when *I* went to YOUR HOUSE, you were definitely not working. Unless you lied to your mother & told her you were swimming. Incredibly unlikely. Even for you. It isn't like you didn't know when we would be home... Uh, say, always!? As for us coming all the way down there, getting ALL my books, my mom's computer, & the 80$ you owe me... walking all the way back... without knowing if you'd be there... yeah that makes loads of sense! And if you think I'm being hostile, you know damn well I could be worse. It isn't like I'm charging you for breaking my camera & my futon. Don't argue with me on this. You never would have broken my camera if you'd known well enough not to WALK ON FURNITURE! Hello, that is what the FLOOR is for! Do you walk on your mother's couch? I sincerely doubt it.

Matt C

Okay, I'm going to keep this short and nice because I don't feel like having a bitchfest at the moment. 1) I never got messages I got shit posted on my wall, Want me to say anything, Message me. Don't post on my wall. 2) I'm not going to go out of my way well working a lot and speding time with people who moved away to drag your stuff to you, You want it. Come and get it. Send me a MESSAGE to see if I'm home then come and get it. Simple as that. And from here on out. Any argueing bitching or pretty much anything not civil. I will ignore. Thanks.
Alanda McRae
17 minutes ago

I *was* being civil. And exactly how was it out of your way when you were dropping me off and just being stubborn? And I *DID* send you messages on here not just through your wall. I would do all 3 at once actually just to make sure you *got* them. And as for not getting them, why wouldn't you get the text messages? You know I'm not being bitchy so you can just drop the attitude. You've never seen me snap so don't push it. As for sending you messages to see if you're home... I don't *have* internet at home to wait for you to do that! You know this. You've always known this. So drop the excuses and grow up.

Can anyone figure out, knowing me as well as people do, what it was that pushed that last button? Anyone at all? Because, let me point out, we aren't out of his way until we have actually MOVED to the house. Fuck this bullshit!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Latest

Some people really have a talent for pushing my buttons. I could be talking about anyone who helped us move our junk to BC except for Danielle & Tia... But no, I'm talking about a *FRIEND* of mine at the moment. I'd go into the details but then I would never quit ranting. Lets just say I'll get my stuff back even if it means calling the damned cops... Yeah. Seriously.

New Topic!
We were supposed to be out of the apartment on the 1st, but here it is and we're still working. The entire weekend. Inside. With no power. During the daylight hours only. No music. I don't know how well I'll work like that. OH the JOY! This is ridiculous. Upside- all my stuff is moved. Downside- I'd feel guilty having my mom do everything by herself. *Sigh*
Oh well...

There's no internet at the new place. So I'll have to figure out my way to the libraries. Oh I am *so* incredibly NOT looking forward to all this nonsense. So if no one is updated on my oh-so-fabulous life for a small while... that would be why.

But the idea of me going more than 2 weeks w/o my facebook is hilarious. I get jumpy if I go without it for about 2 days so... that should tell you something.

Wish us luck on moving Monday.
Until then, thanks for reading!