Saturday, August 3, 2013

Supernatural Fans

Can anyone tell me what Season it is Charlie first appears in? She is awesome, but I've only ever seen random bits of her on Tumblr. :( Please help me out! :D
I am so irritated with Financial Aid at my college. I have filled out the same form 3 times now because they cannot seem to remember me already signing it for them. I may never get to register at this rate. :/ That said - I really am trying to be more Positive Minded. :) LOL!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In English if you Please

First - sorry I've been so preoccupied with my tumblr account. I love my twitter & facebook obsessively. I'm only writing today because I actually have the time to spare. This morning was a Breakfast for the Mosaic (Student Art & Literary Magazine of KCC). Anyone whose submissions were chosen got invited. So, even though it was scheduled for 8:30 in the morning, I decided to go. I didn't eat much - there wasn't much of a selection - but I did enjoy my orange juice and potatoes. Even to me, that combination sounds disgusting. Keep in mind, I eat slow so by the time I move from one food to another - the taste has left my mouth. I showed up, not because I cared or anything (terrible, I know) but, yes, because a friend of the family was going and I hadn't seen her in FOR-EVER! It was nice to see her again - she's one of those Celestial types to look at her... not in a weird way, more like an angel, really. Also, I voluntarily read my poem which was chosen ALOUD to everyone... very creepy. Guess I'm not as jumpy when I'm tired. LOL. Now, on to the original subject choice for this entry, my English class. In English we have one final paper to write. It can be on anything. It can be informative or argumentative. However, it has to be 8 to 10 pages long... I can't think of anything to actually write on. My brain needs a jump start. Also, in my Communications class we have to do a Speech on our Career Choice - here's the problem... If I *had* a career choice picked out, I wouldn't still be in college. I've changed my major twice for a reason. As it is - I'm totally clueless on where or how to go forward from there. I could lie or whatever - but I really am still in the I DON'T KNOW stage of figuring out my messed up life. I don't present until May 8th but I need to have it finished by May 6th so I can get credit for it. (Mental - I'm well aware.) So - any ideas are welcome. It would seem only my Spanish class seems to be going well, lately. Maybe my Math class, too, but I'm not sure that's still true as I don't know what I got on my test on Monday. (I find out tomorrow, thankfully.) Wish me all the luck in the world - please... well, all the GOOD LUCK. I need positivity right now. Thanks, Vail.