Friday, February 27, 2009


nyx killey and i... we rock. we miss him. this is from his last visit. that was fun. i even did a vidblog on it on youtube. we started an I Love Killey club... also known as ILK... so i've been very busy lately.

my blog is being weird

it hasn't been letting me publish my entries lately. it's makin' me crazy. i've been hanging out on youtube a lot lately. and downloading music. so yeah. :) my sis wanted me to go to snocoming with her but i didn't . i decided not to last minute. turns out a teacher was murdered so that was freaky...

NoWhere To Be Found

and still it's true. i've been downloading a lot lately. and uploading. and reading. and writing. and that's about it to be honest. there really isn't much to say. i wish that i could cry... but i can't. i'm too stubburn for that...

if only my dreams would come true. but they don't even stand a chance...
that is my sister and i earlier this month cuz she wanted me to go to snocoming with her... :)