Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wish that i was looking into your eyes

"cuz when a heart breaks no it don't break even" - The Script

so how is everyone? i saw the CU play today. it was.... terrible. there were 2 good actors in the whole thing and that's it. u could tell they were looking at the prompter throughout it all. it was so bad it was funny. which is mean, but accurate. at least Dylan and Matt made it funny/worth seeing. wasn't worth the amount of money i paid for it though.

sav is stayin the weekend and that's nice. so yeah. i should be doing my homework but i figure i can put it off a little longer. *eek* i keep hearing a phone ring but it isn't. not my cell and not the landline so wtf?

mandy is watching Stargate Atlantis. i'm listening to Katy Perry and The Script.

i'm just wishing for something that'll never happen.

well. i can't wait to wednesday. ST PATRICK'S DAY! yaya....y.