Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Can Make it All True

First off, this blogpost's title is a line from a song by Cat Stevens.
I happen to think that if we really wanted to, then we could make it true.
Phoenix wrote a new song a few days ago but she wants to tweak it a bit before we mess with it together. I am writing a song but can't seem to get the mood right. Ameliorate is too busy preparing for her first semester of college to be bothered.
Technically, Ameliorate is our Model/Actress. She isn't actually a singer (though she could be) and that's fine. But it will definitely make things difficult when she leaves.

I am proud to say that Tsiehta Anomaly now has a fan-page on Facebook. I suppose that's supposed to mean something really great, but one can hardly tell nowadays.

The 2010 I.L.K. campaign officially started 2 weeks ago. There are several ads airing on youtube so if you search for "ilk" "i.l.k." "i love killey" "love killey" or "killey" you should be able to find them with relative ease.

I've been listening to a lot of dance music lately (of the latin persuasion) and I think that may be why I'm having such a difficult time with my punk/rock/anti-norm song writing... :/

I'm in a singing contest (without the band) and it's next weekend. So wish me luck!

Also, we will be performing (the band) at the U.C. park on Independence Day at 3 to 7 P.M. Hope to see you all there!