Thursday, November 11, 2010

OMFG People are SO STUPID!

"You know what, I don't want to hear whatever it is on your guilty conscious. I am staying out of all this damn drama and I don't need drama in my life. As for whatever erin does that is between me and him and everyone else needs to stay the hell out of it. Good day to you."

Must she be so stupid? Fine, I don't care. If he had the balls to tell her the truth for once, she'd be angry at me for not telling her. So what the fuck EVER. But it became my business, no matter what she says, when he decided to start messing around on my baby brother's bed. And so help me if I ever hear him talk about my sister like that again. I see him near her and I don't care what jail is like. I'll beat the fuck out of him.
Those 3 drama-tweens can just grow the fuck up already. So what if he's 24 next month? So what if Kensee is 20 and a drunk who can't take care of her kid? So what if Bailey is a bitch who should know better? So what?! I quit trying to look out for other people. They don't want drama, then why do they create so damned much of it? They want "happy-ever-after," then why do they cheat/lie/distort/and ruin it?
11 years of friendship, you'd think that idiot would know me better by now. No, he's an idiot.
I know he's been talkin' shit behind my back. I didn't start any damned rumors. I only ever tell the truth because lying is pointless. It just bites you in the ass later. Rumors are lies and distortions. I tell facts. If I was gonna start saying anything about ERIN MAL KILLEY'S latest slutfests, I'd go straight to his baby-mama. You know, the one person who should know?! But no, he talks shit instead of locating his spine and just telling her the TRUTH! And they're the ones saying they don't want drama? Bullshit. They're the ones who start it in the first place.
I have better things to do with my time than waste it on that back-stabbing, moral-less, lying, slut. I never said a damned word about him (until NOW). So how dare he try to ruin my reputation!
He'll never say anything to my face because he's a coward! I hope he reads this. Because I don't care. But if he doesn't stop his lying and his whining, I'll sue his ass for Slander, and he'd better know it, too.
He starts in on me because he can't grow a pair and talk to my mom about what she did and what he thinks. He has sex in our apartment knowing that mom doesn't want that shit goin' on in the house. Especially not in our BATHROOM, the fucking freak! Then he finger-bangs that dumb slut on my little brother's bed and has the nerve to talk shit to ME? I don't fucking think so. I don't care if Bailey doesn't wanna know. I have video of that shit and I have ZERO problem sending it to her.
She can think anything she damn well pleases at this point. I'm not the one who lies to her face constantly. I'm not the one who cheats on her with their roommate! I'm not the one who does shit in their apartments and house. So fuck her, I was just trying to be her friend. She sure as hell isn't going to find someone who is HALF as good a friend as I am. So screw them all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


"as for the gas thing i need it to take u gays and i need to make sure my son is taken care of that is why if u cant understand that then u no nothing bout being a perent and will never no so whatever."

this is from a girl who owes me 50$. has owed me. i'm letting her take her time paying me back BECAUSE of her PRECIOUS SON. yeah, he's so precious she forgets his bottles and formula at other people's houses and leaves it there for over a week because she's too fucking lazy to do anything about it.
if you can't pay someone back, here's a clue, DON'T BORROW FROM THEM AND SAY YOU'LL PAY THEM BACK!
it isn't rocket science. and how does the stupid bitch know if i'll never be a parent? at least i can fucking spell and i'm not a stupid slut who goes around sleeping with the first guy to pay her a compliment. no. thank you. and i know my tenses and whatnot aren't matching up but i'm angry. she should know me better than that by now.

at least if i'm with a guy, i know if it's a real relationship or not. and i know if the guy is a prick. and i know if it's a one night stand. and i KNOW who the daddy of my baby would be. i'm not fucking easy like that.
and i also know better than to fuck around with people who are already with someone else. especially if i'm stuck living on their couch. yeah. that's right!

if you manage to piss off my mom then you know you're fucked. oh the temptation to call her in to CPS and have him place with his grandparents. oh the temptation to call up bailey and tell on HIM. oh the fucking temptation.