Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm the One

i am so bored right now. i am going to see about having mom take me to BC tomorrow so I can put enough $ on her card to pay for Netflix this month. i'm an addict and i'll admit it. besides, who else would? i want to go to BC though because i was hoping to stop by B & N at the mall. i mean yeah... and i want to get pizza afterwards before going to the bar. well, here's hoping...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I don't know

but when does anybody ever "know?" sure you can be more certain or less certain about things, but that still doesn't mean you "know" it. stuff happens everyday that we can't explain, and may never will.
all we have are really good ideas and some not-so-great ideas. i am sure this all sounds totally out there, but it's true.
even with all these break-throughs science has brought us, we still don't *know* anything. we can't. you can repeatedly do something and get the same basic results, but that doesn't mean you *know* the facts - just that something is more likely than another occurance. this doesn't make science right or wrong. this only means that science - like religion - isn't foolproof. Proof that is solid and validated will forever elude us for as long as we are unable to answer all those "big questions" people have. i'm not saying that we're wrong about cancer being dangerous or the sky looking blue. i'm just opining that proof is supposed to be resolute but all i see are things that are fallible. not everything is an obvious fallacy, this is true. i can't argue that. but i refuse to be written off simply because i have belief in something besides (not aside but besides) science. my sister will probably come up wiht something to say on the subject, and that is her right as a person to have her own ideas and thoughts on the matter. "Who am I?" is not a question you can answer by simply saying "Jodee Foster" or "Matt Dillon" if you know what I mean. science can't answer it either. most sciences are quantitative (sp?) but all those Big Questions only have any chance of being answered through Qualitative responses. Maybe I'm crazy, though that isn't something I'd like to believe, but maybe... just maybe i'm not. maybe i'm making a point. can you really say otherwise?