Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sesame vs Muppets

Alright, will someone explain to me how the Muppet Show can get away with the outfits that were worn in the 60s (?) 70s but Katy Perry can't wear her dress with Elmo? I know this happened a while ago but it really has been bugging me... You'd think, knowing their parents allowed them to watch what they watched, that they would be *less* stuffy rather than more so on the subject for their own children... I don't know. I'm just curious.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



I'm not sure which is worse -
feeling like the world around you is made of stone, never changing
or progressing, as you are filled with pent up energy and ideas while
changing and moving like a flowing river... or feeling like you're
the rock stuck in place, completely useless and in the way as
everything around you keeps going and changing.

Which is worse?

Union City was the world made of rock where I was the river.
Battle Creek is the river where I'm the rock...

I feel so out of place, so alone... I always wanted away from
U.C. because I never felt I belonged. Sadly, I know I don't belong
here. Union City is my home. I may have been a misplaced puzzle piece
when I was there, but I was still part of the picture. Here...I am stagnant
and invisible.

I spend my time watching DVDs, making youtube videos, sleeping, and have
managed to read only 2 books while here. I haven't written anything
creatively and can't muster up the will to try.

It's not that I'm depressed, because I'm not. It is more as though I am
disconnected. I am tired, incredibly so. I am weary of conversing with anyone.
Mom misses home, too. Dad likes it here. Everyone is fighting...

I have no idea how I'll make it to classes in the Fall, or home for
that matter. I'm not even certain how I'll get there to buy my books
next month. All of which is ridiculous considering that we are all actually
closer to KCC than when I was in Union City.

I am supposed to be having a party Thursday, but I hold out little hope of
any guests attending. They won't. They're all too busy... or have no
money for the gas it'd take to get here.

I wish I had money so I could use my cellular. I hate having no one to talk to.
I miss the internet. It made everything so terribly simple, quick... and it
was certainly cheaper than writing letters...

I miss my friends. My sister. All of it.
I must be boring you greatly. I do apologize for rambling on this way.

Happy Independence Day!