Wednesday, September 7, 2011

cheer up emokid


yep yep



just me again

isn't she hilarious? my mom, that is.



got a msg from mom but haven't heard back... so... yeah. idk if i wanna go 2 class or not...

for aunt sally


i am in a very lousy mood. i missed my bus and thus have missed my first abnormal psych class! i have no way to get ahold of the instructor so i get to just wait until next monday. totally a mess. i hate it. here are a few pix of meh.

The Edge

8 29 2011

I'm listening to Terminal Boredom... I love this song.
Anyways. I feel on edge. Mom & I have been having Wonko Dreams.
I blame the New Moon that's tonight. But what do *I* know?
Anyways, mom is disturbed by hers...
Mine are just ODD.
The ones I remember.
I can't wait til Thursday... but I can at the same time, you know?
Anyways... Hasta luego!

9 01 2011

just got through watching season 6 of BtVS... finally!
I love Giles & Xander for sure...
anyways. it's a little after midnight so i need to catch a few Zees before school starts in the morning.
love you all...
Hasta luego!

9 07 2011

i hope to someday get to the public library so i can POST these entries... i am so sorry that it is taking me so much time to do so.
of course, considering i spend 4 days a week on the bus in the mornings... just so i can spend more time at the college. ugh.
i wish i could say my classes were enjoyable... i love anthropology so far. but i don't remember anything we've talked about.
which is not a good sign. i know my focus is shot. and i know why.
as soon as i get back on my BP meds school should be easier for me.
i just hope everything goes well friday. that's when i'm supposed to see the people for the stuff.
i know, my mind is just so helpful with the vocabulary i'm searching for on this subject.
lolz. i've gone so far as to make a WakeUp mix on my computer...
it gets me awake but as far as attention.... not so much.
Just Dance by Lady Gaga is on at the moment. Hopefully, it will wake me up from this droning.
my back is killing me already... stupid backpack is atrociously heavy. i wish i had the time/$/transport to see the chiropractor.
oh well... i have 45 minutes left before I leave for the bus stop. oy.
i need to put my shoes on before my feet fall off from the cold. i'm such a wimp when it gets under 65*F...
pathetic. oh well. love you all.
have a great week!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a pic or 2

i thought i'd let you all remember the insane whiner== er, writer, of said blog.