Thursday, March 29, 2012



I am openly sexist as a person. It's something I'm aware of about my personality, and I have been trying to change it for several years now. Quite frankly, however, I was not surprised by any facts shown in the above article - and that saddens me. This world is going down the toilet and all anyone can do is joke and act like assholes/bitches about it. If one person can change amidst a fucked up society, then society can change in spite of itself... Pity it doesn't want to.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tacky Immaturity & Insecurity

I cannot stand when a chick texts another woman, bitching about interacting with her "boyfriend." All it does is show how insecure the chick is. I mean, going through his texts? Not being able to trust him? And you blame the woman who is simply friends with him? Fuck that. And when it's followed by insulting the woman - whom the chick has never met or seen before - with profanity and disgusting terminology? No. It's immature. And if the chick is so stupid she doesn't understand what GoodBye means - when it's said 5 times - then she needs to do an about-face. You don't continue being rude to a person who is trying so hard to tolerate your bullshit. You simply drop the subject and walk away. It isn't difficult. And blaming the woman who is friends with your boyfriend - JUST friends - when he was lying to you about everything in the first place. And continued lying. I mean, if he asks the woman to lie to the chick about their relationship then there really isn't a chance for you. Blame the one who is in the wrong instead of being an insecure little bitch about it. Oh wah. So the guy you're with is a loser - walk away and get someone better. Don't think you'll find a better guy? Then you won't. Confidence - NOT insecurity - is what matters in the end. Insecurity is just a circle... Insecure women fall for losers, lose the good guys who can't handle their insecurity in the first place, and it just keeps on going... Forget that and grow up.