Saturday, July 9, 2016

#Profanity #Bitches

So here I am one day, freaking out because my *adorable* child has managed to disappear in the library. I'm *understandably* freaking out - but all this bitch next to me can do is get all offended because I am swearing. Ooh, yes. The word "fuck" is going to magically ruin your computer and make me care more about your stick-up-the-ass attitude (feelings my Ass!) than my missing 2 year old.

Rather than help me look for my son, my mother is too busy apologizing to the stupid cunt. That intrusive bitch could have done a lot of things - reacting to my words because she's a fucking Republican "Christian" Trump-Loving piece of Garbage pretending to be human was in no way conducive to any part of the situation.

Eventually - thank the gods - one of the security guards found him as I'm freaking out on every level of the building. (Yeah, multiple floors and my kid chooses that moment to act like he's quiet of all things!)

But all my stupid mother seems to care about is that so-called woman's feelings. Excuse you? How is her being an intrusive, uppity, control freak of a bitch my problem? 

No, I never apologized. I have no problem admitting that I continued to swear right there in front of her, getting louder as I went. My use of fucking profanity is my right and her being uncomfortable with it is her problem. 

I know my Amendments. I know I swear a *lot*. I also don't care, because if I were ever going to change that about myself - it would have been a *long* time ago.

It isn't going to happen.

I laugh hysterically when my son calls people "those fuckers" because they treat me or his father poorly. Hell, I laugh because it's clear as cellophane what he's saying and more so that he is using it correctly. How many people can say that about their children when it comes to pretty much any word?

My 2 year old is smarter than most of the people I graduated high school with.

If that doesn't say something about this world - what does?