Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid Ex

Alan actually had the nerve to ask me why i wouldn't give him a 2nd chance.
first of all, i have given him over 20 chances...
he cheated on me with my best friend.
denied it when we confronted him.
talks trash about us to the other girl.
lies to us.
is embarrassed to be seen with us in public. either of us.
he only thinks about sex.
he uses lines to get to us.
he is never honest.
and there are more reasons i can't post because there's no way to know whether children read this thing or not. and i do not need them going to their parents to ask about it.

besides, i don't need my IQ to go down 15 points like it inevitably would if I went back out with him.

bday blues

sorry. i keep getting busy. I had to help a friend cope with some stupid guy thing. And my sister lost my flashdrive so i can't upload or download any music. which means my havocangel myspace isn't gonna have new tunes on it for a while. plus there's this dance friday i "have" to go with my sister to.{MORP}.. then sunday is my birthday. then next wednesday is an appointment. and then next friday is my birthday party plus i need to take pictures for a friend. so... busy busy. plus i still haven't finished packing so i may just get a summer job.... i'm so confused.... how have u been?

i'm not excited about my bday anymore.
i only look forward to talking to Matt & Jack...
i used to talk to nitia all the time. but she, nyccie, danielle, and savanna are always so busy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i have applied at KCC... i am applying for FAFSA.... myyearbook is a mess. and myspace got crazy on me. Facebook is insane. and the KCC website is the most confusing vague mess i've ever seen. hell, they still think it's 08...

help me!