Tuesday, December 15, 2009


so i haven't told him yet that i'm falling for him. not sure i should. complications suck to me.
i have had a 3 day break from him. and i just thought that it would be good for me. but it made things worse. go figure.

i just want to stop thinking about him. focus on college. my writing. my music.
hell, i'd read the paper but it won't do any good....

Blood Ties

wow. the medusa epi is insane. but i totally get it. ya know, that has to be the worst of it. but still.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Attention Whore

dani is fine now. don't know what all is going on but i'm not worrying about her any. much.
mark is still retarded.and i'm so trying not to fall for Justin. that would just be wrong.
in so many ways.
but he's so funny and he's easy to talk to .
and i trust him... so...

yeah anyways. registered for classes and i need to get my books and School ID... but still.
i just don't want to have it get fucked up.

so yeah i'm up to date.
i'm on twitter. and myspace. and facebook. lol.
happy networking, lol.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

From My Living Room

crappy weather i mean it. i hate michigan winters...
i miss danielle like crazy. she and i are talking more though...
nitia and i are both bored, as is nyccie.
matt is supposed to come visit us tomorrow and maybe nitia can come with us as well.
if he shows up around 7 tonite i'll feel bad cuz nyccie has a family thing.
i still need to record my new song and finish writing the other one.
amanda is unconscious. lol.
she is supposed to convert something for me.
i'm slowly freaking out about financial coverage for college. oh the joy.
i'm now addicted to that song According To You by Orianthi... it's really good if you ask me.
i feel the need to do my nails. lol. and my hair. which is ridiculous cuz i'm not going anywhere and i'm in my pajamas...
we have internet now for as long as mom doesn't fuck up my credit.
and home phone obviously... surprising isn't it?