Sunday, May 29, 2011

Packing... yeah right.

So we move out on Wednesday (if we're lucky.) We have no trucks to move our furniture. We haven't finished packing. In other words, we are severely screwed... I am not happy about this.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

30 Questions

01. are you currently in a relationship? romantically - no... other kinds, yes.

02. if so, for how long & is it serious? i've been friends with a certain lass for 12 years now... ;)

03. are you straight, bi, gay, unsure? I usually say Bi but the truth is I have no idea... I tend not to bother with romantic relationships so you tell me.

04. do you wish you were in a relationship? surprisingly yes.

05. do you have a crush? yes but i'll get over it. i always do.

06. if you have a crush do they know you like them? No, actually, they don't. There's only 3 of them. And I should be over the one guy because I haven't seen him since December... freaky.

07. have you ever cheated on someone? ... I have no idea how to answer this since I've never really been in a serious relationship. I had one boyfriend in High School. I did kiss this one guy while I was dating him, does that really count though? *sigh* I guess this is another "You tell me" answer.

08. do you think your crush likes you back? Doubtful that they even remember me.

09. do you like anyone who likes you? maybe but I don't actually know anyone who likes me in that sense.

10. love or lust? lust for the most part. love is reserved for my friends and family members. when it comes to dating, i think i purposefully cut off that part of my heart...

11. do you like single or group dates? that would depend on the group, and the activities. for instance, i'd rather it be a single date if we're going to the movies. but if we're going for food, a double date. and a group date if it's like bowling or something.

12. ever BEEN on a date? I've had this conversation with my gal-pals so many times, it's hilarious. it all depends on how you define "date." according to my BFF Danielle, yes. According to others, no. I'll just flip a coin on this one.

13. when & where was your first kiss? sadly, I remember this. A friend & I went to her boyfriend's house. It was on his couch with his brother... and that is all I have to type on the subject. (Good kisser, but he was terrible at the rest.)

14. do you get attached easily? only to my besties and my lil sis. otherwise, not really.

15. ever cried when someone broke up with you? once but i'd never tell her i did.

16. do you get dumped a lot or you do the heart breaking? I am usually the one breaking it off... which I guess is because I have "commitment" issues but the truth is i have a Fear of Rejection which is cleverly masked as a Fear of Commitment... oh yeah, i'm just that good.

17. do you believe in love at first sight? nonreciprocated love at first sight - yes. otherwise, not likely. I fell in love with this guy when he walked in the room and I didn't even see him yet. I felt weird (magick friends will know something like what i mean) and I turned around searching for it. Instant amazement on that one. From then on I knew whenever he was around without ever having to use my eyes. it was so... just whoa. eventually I got past that, though. After all, i wasn't going to TELL him this... we barely knew each other. so i just fought tooth and nail against the feelings and ta-da... haven't seen him since december... and i'll live. *sigh* it was pretty cool though.

18. do you believe in love at all? romantically - no... soulmates- possibly. friendship- hell yes... family - 50/50

19. have you ever been in love? a year ago i'd have said yes. but that wasn't love so much as mutual abuse of one another's feelings. i don't know if what i felt with Mr.December (as I'll call him cuz there is no way i'm giving out names online) was love, but it was something... otherwise, no i don't think i have been. but how could i be sure?

20. do you like the movie "the notebook?" I cried so many times during that movie... but ultimately, i loved it.

21. do you believe you have to be a certain age to know what true love is? I believe that if you have an understanding of who you are and how you feel... and a real one, not a junior high idea... then you're in the clear.

22. ever had your heart broken? yes, but mostly because i let it get broken. i don't think the people i've been with ever went and decided to hurt me... it just happened. i'm emotional and easily hurt like that. though i'd never show it if i could avoid it. hence everyone thinking i'm a bitch.

23. do you currently miss an ex? yes. but i don't know why. it isn't like we were deeply in love or anything. we'd just been friends for a super long time and fell into our relationship because there wasn't anything else to do... though he does have a sweet smile when he shows it.

24. would you take someone back after cheating? NO! absolutely NOT! number one rule! i shouldn't even have to EXPLAIN that!

25. do you still have other people ask someone out for you? on a date - hell no. what would be the point? it's like saying "i have low self esteem and no belief in myself but i like you so will you say no quickly so i can go home and berate myself? or say yes out of pity and make me feel like dirt?"

26. what about break up with someone for you? again. no. that's on the same level as texting, or breaking up on their voicemail / answering machine. "hello, i'm a coward and can't do this to your face. we aren't working out. why? because i'm subhuman."

27. do you still write notes saying circle YES or NO? depends on the content of the note, if i'm lazy, and how much time i have to write said note.

28. do you get all giddy when you find out someone likes you? only if i like them, as well. and only then if i've liked them for several months... otherwise i freak out.

29. when you're going out with someone, do you put their name everywhere? not everywhere. depends on how serious it is anyways. but i'll cop to the occasional journal entry. *blush* shut up, i'm a girl!

30. are you always looking up cute love lyrics to put in your profile about them? I usually don't have to look up the lyrics because they are going through my head on automatic, but yeah. I have totally done that.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Literacy - Apathy on the Rise

Will someone please tell me when it became "okay" not to fix spelling or grammatical errors in PUBLISHED works? I'm not just talking about books, either. I'm talking about newspapers. These errors are so atrocious that Jay Leno wouldn't allow them on the air! (Hypothetically speaking, that is.) My former Journalism teacher allowed a sign to stay on her door that was the wrong FORM of the word and said, "Oh, it's alright. It doesn't hurt anyone." Needless to say, I have plenty of issues with said instructor. I'm so happy to have graduated High School. I no longer have to deal with her, but instead am stuck with other people with the same low standards. Their standards are so low that I am tempted to believe they don't have any at all.
Throw in our current economy and our dependency on Fast Food places and we'll really have a rant going on here. However, I will save those issues for a different day. Right now, I have to get back to the day at hand.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i'm trying to get caught up on uploading all my vids... since facebook is stupidly not letting me upload directly i have been forced to use youtube, make them link only vids, and then post the links in our private group on facebook... what a mess. i'm going mental .

equally no not really


oh the above is so funny to me.. i mean, i love all my friends equally... no... not really. lolz... i'd list the ones i love most but then the ones i don't love would find out. you know it's true.


feel free to watch because it's the only time you'll ever get to hear me sing that song. :D even though i love it beyond measure. now... back to YT FB YIM and packing!