Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reactions of a Free Pagan

Pagan - in origin - is a word which meant Country Dweller and had nothing whatsoever to do with magick or the occult until Roman Christians came about.
Pagan with a big P now is the Label of a certain religion - and that's fine. That it used to mean something so adverse to its original meaning simply because of Religious Tyranny is appalling and I'm glad it's regaining its original cause/reputation.

"Neo"pagan is a term which is forever pushing my buttons. Paganism is not a NEW religion. In fact, it predates Christianity. I'm JUST SAYING.
Pan and Bel are not the same God (oh I'm sorry, "devil") regardless of what Satanists seem to believe... Just because they look similar doesn't mean they are the same. I'll get back to my issues with certain Satanists later.

The "traditional Christian Cross" is, in actuality, not TRADITIONALLY Christian! They predate Christianity in all its forms by over a thousand years. Originally it had 2 horizontal lines - and all three lines represented something.
The horizontal lines represented Birth and Death as the vertical line represented Life/Existence. It was only taken up by christians because Jesus died on one... Maybe we should take a look at how many OTHER folk had been strung up on those crosses and murdered brutally? I don't remember anyone using those crosses as representation for anything because of them. No one can even prove Jesus existed. It's all opportunistic ways to expand His name in any way they could back then... the continuance of this behavior is appalling.

Back to a certain man who brought about Satanism. He is quoted as explaining why a woman is the altar - "passive receptor". I can see how women are compared to "mother earth" because the metaphor makes sense. However, "passive receptor" is the last phrase I would ever describe any woman of *any* age. Ignorance has destroyed this country - this world - and this proves it.

There is a reference in The Satanic Bible where Wicca is referred to as a Pseudo-Christian religion. What a load of shit. I mean, talk about a mis-interpretation. I get it was meant as an insult, but it's because of a misinterpretation for which he gave the insult.

While I believe magick is neither black nor white - it's both... Nature is both... There is no way to seperate the two. However, the reason Wicca supports "white" magick isn't because of Guilt - as is believed.
It isn't Guilt which drives a caster not to curse or alter reality. In truth, it is simply a desire to be Fair. Self-Respect is what drives us to only do good with our power. To do a curse, or twist reality, would be to put everything on uneven ground. One should never do something to others without giving some sort of a fair warning in which they are given a chance to stop your attempt at magicks. Without this, one's life would become unstable. Power - of any sort - corrupts, hence this simple guideline to keep you in check. Sin and guilt wouldn't be the problem - not once you were so corrupted you had lost your sanity and were psychologically in need of help. "Give a man a shovel, and he'll dig his own grave."

Lastly, just a side note about Christian Science... Am I the only one who hears about this and jumps to Stargate:SG1 episodes instead of The Matrix???

Friday, February 24, 2012

Evolution of a Blue Sky

If the sky is blue due to chemicals in the air refracting light - what colour was it before Man evolved to Polluting and Degrading the environment? And, as the sunset is Pink/Purple for the same reason - was it still as pretty before pollution? Evolution really hasn't helped the world much, has it?
(For those who don't believe in Evolution - referring to it commonly as "evilution" - I don't want to hear your propaganda. It will only get me started on a different rant entirely. As you folk tend to get Offended when disagreed with, I suggest you just click the big 'X' at the top right corner of your screen and don't come back.)
Side note:
I woke up to a ton of snow outside coming down. Doesn't nature know it isn't supposed to snow while people are awake? We are supposed to go to bed, get cold, wake up, and freak out because it's white outside and we are clueless. That's how it's supposed to be. Do you think cavemen thought the world was ending when they first saw or experienced snow? That's what I think.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Any Excuse to Rollerblade!

I am hanging out with Robert. It is hilarious watching comedy. You can never go wrong with a Scottish accent. Even more so when they imitate a French Euro Trash accent... Brilliance is brilliance - pure and simple.

I just spent almost 5 hours talking to my little sister. You got to love Skype... until it starts acting up and being all snippity. Then you can hate Skype all you want.

Heard from Danielle and she's coming to visit me tomorrow around 3 P.M. So much for my homework. And here I was so determined. Apparently the cavemen were homosexual... at least that's what his voice reminds me of.

Craig Ferguson is the bomb.

I'm out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


my mother would have an aneurism (sp?) if she saw this. luckily i started deleting prof pics after snipping this photo.
Lots of love to my readers,

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heavy metal


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randomania at its best


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May I Have a word?

Music = Love


it's like the mask and doctor who had a crossover event and i missed it. XP



Sammy B.

A cute red-head
too quiet for words.
Side-by-side in bed,
with my ear to your heart.

You don't dance
and I never shut up.
We never stood a chance...
No, we never did.

Still, you walked me home
and came to my parties.
Comfortable on our own,
(got tired of waiting) for you to kiss me.

(An insatiable flirt) You always made me smile.
(I kissed your lips) Sweet electricity.
I never meant for (you to get hurt.)
(As if you'd say a word) You never told me...

Known you since childhood -
I should forget (those silly pre-school days.)
As if I ever could....
I don't regret (our time, that phase.)

I remember your hand in mine
and our friends pushing our limits.
But that was all just fine -
life is a (cross-over) kismet.

Still, I miss your hair and crazy silence.
It was fun to make you blush
just by making (car jokes) on the floor.
Hey sweet prince... Hush.

I miss you, Big Red.
See you in my memories...
(inside my head)
Good-bye, sweet Sammy B.

5:55 A.M.

I Would LOVE to try this

Hellraiser and God

Glenna, I about died laughing when I saw this. Thanks for that. Hope everyone else gets a kick out of this. XD

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Dare You Not To Laugh


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