Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Counting The Stars

his name is doug and he's amazing. i'd say more but i don't have time.
u know he'll never know this but that's cuz i protect my emotions bigtime.

all i can say is that he makes me smile. that should say it all...


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Princes & Frogs

first off, that is a great song by Superchic{k}

secondly. i love it.

now. on to business, the important things. like what i want for winter solstice. lol.

New Stereo so i can listen to the radio, cds, and my cassettes.
MP3 player
Katy Perry CD
New Pink CD
New Taylor Swift CD
DEVOUR (movie with jensen ackles in it)

that's about it.
lol. i'm so pathetic i know.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Na na na

Shontelle Lyrics
T-shirt Lyrics

Hey everyone. It is 64* outside. You want a coat but then you’re too hot. So it’s all messed up. It finally stopped raining after 5 days of it. Generally I like rain. But I’ve been sick on and off lately. Finally got over my sore throat only to get stomach cramps from hell. Well, actually we don’t know what they were. At one point my parents wanted to take me to the hospital because they thought I had appendicitis. Or however you spell that. Don’t worry, I don’t. If I did I would probably be dead by now. So I walked here after taking a shower. Really dumb thing to do. All things considered.

And after all this b/s. I get to go hang out with 212* at the HS zombie prison. Just to get a part as a stuck up bitch or a dummy who loves world peace. Either way, they’re easy parts. I don’t even need to speculate anything. It gets boring that way. Plus it’s always a play/musical that no one has ever heard of so they don’t want to see it, or they have heard of it and go “oh god please no WHY?!” when they find out we’re performing it. What is wrong with all these people?


Na Na by Superchick:
You're running a case against me,
Prosector judge and jury,
We´ve had this conversation in your head,
´cause I wasn´t there,you made up what I said,
Or what I would have said,you know me so well,
you heard how I am and how I'm going to heaven knows,
We´ve never had this conversation,or should I be calling it a condemnation,
´cause you're not listening to me.

So na na na na na,
That´s all I´m gonna say,
´Cause na na na na na,
Made up your mind any way,
na na na na na,
There´s nothing I can do,
so na na na na na,
Couldn´t we be friends if not for you.

I feel like a teacher from Charlie Brown,
All you hear is that wa-wa-wa sound,
Maybe I´m a pokemon, Pikachu,
´cause that what comes out when I´m talking to you,
You're a crusader you´ve made up your fight,
Your Super-hero name is Mr. Right,
Instead of trying to understand,
You show all your friends how wrong I am,
And you´re still not listening to me.


Can´t we be friends,
Why does it end,
Before a word is even heard,
I look at you your attitude,
Why can´t you see,
That it´s not me.

Oops I did it again, I see,
The person I´m talking about is me,
Assuming you the enemy,
In the cross hairs of my verbal uzi,
No matter who wins we both lose,
No matter who starts we both choose,
To keep it going on and on and on and on and on,
But lets start listening and see.

La la la la la,
La la la la la,
Sorry that it got this way,
La la la la la,
Next time I wont let it stew,
La la la la la,
Couldn´t we start over me and you?

Friday, September 12, 2008


oh my god he is so... yummy. okay. so you have no clue who i'm talking about? well i'm totally in love with Justin Long. okay. i know. it isn't really love, just a major crush since i have NEVER actually met the guy. but so not my point. and who cares if he's 11 years older than i am? go look at him. besides, anyone who can make me laugh that much. already got kudos from me. and don't say it's the script guys. cuz u need to be able to pull it off to make it funny, too ya know.

anyways... so i'm a tad into him. okay more than a tad but it's unrealistic so who cares? i mean, i may have a chance of meating him if i ever become the famous singer we all know i'm meant to become, but still. (my music is meant for the world cuz i rock...i'm awsome...) sha la la la la la. kiss me baby. no anyways...

my oh my. i finally made CapeBoy his myspace. he just needs to verify it. hope he enjoys. and he better appreciate my "hard work".

i came down with a sore throat yesterday. my sister got it too. i'm guessing it's cuz we keep going from a hot room to cold outside and vice versa. wouldn't be too surprising. it's 73* outside and i'm wearing a hoodie cuz of the rain and my sore throat.

First pic is for his movie Accepted, obviously. The 2nd pic is from Jeepers Creepers. And he is with my mom's boyfriend. That's right, my mom has a crush on The Creeper. I think it proves she has a psychosis but what do I know? Well it's time to go home and drink soda and check the mail. etc etc. have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sha la la la

80's style

someone i can trust

go on and... kiss the girl and hold her hand

now's your moment

ur gonna miss the girl

go on and kiss the girl...

don't try to hide it how u wanna kiss the girl.

no time will be better

Contemplating Suicide

last night was awful. i was crying until just after midnight you know. my sister was being bitchy cuz she didn't get her way. this whole thing started over subtitles if you can believe it... mandy and i argued. mom got into it. i get blamed for every horrible thing that's ever happened so it isn't a shock. then i cried so badly i couldn't breathe and i am still contemplating suicide. wishing i could get the gutts to just do it. but matt said not to and *poked* me online. lol.

you already have what i've got to give. so lets just call it quits. it's just like me to say all of the wrong things that's why i say but what does it take did another girl come make u feel the way i could...
what does it take? anytime u realize that you never really mean what you say.

everyone is such a hypocrite. life bites. does anyone even really want me around? at all?

Monday, September 8, 2008

She Don't Got A Lot To Say

my oh my looks like the boy's too shy
you're gonna miss the girl...
go on and kiss the girl.
now's your moment.
boy you'd better do it soon. no time will be better.
she won't say a word until u kiss the girl.
ain't that sad it's such a shame too bad you're gonna miss the girl.
u gotta be prepared go on and kiss the girl.
u wanna kiss the girl.

Girls don't talk about their feelings to their boyfriends for a reason.
They just don't listen and then you feel out-of-season.
Ask her every once in a while
about her day.
go the extra mile
to make her stay.
give her a kiss and tell her u miss her.
that u never stop thinking about her.
don't let her get away.
kiss the girl and make her day.
if she loves u like u love her she will stay.
you don't know why
you want her, it's true.
but go and try,
she loves you too.
don't be shy, don't be bad.
don't lie to her or you'll later be sad.
take the moment and make it happen.
there is no "right moment" until you make it the right one.
don't be shy, don't be scared... kiss the girl in the sun.
or underneath the moon and stars.
it doesn't matter when or where you are...
if you love her... kiss the girl.
i guarantee you, it'll change your whole world.
Don't Miss The Girl...

Kiss The Girl

Looks like the boy's too shy, ain't gonna kiss the girl...
what a pity. the things he'll never know.
missed out on a whole new world.
man he's gonna be low.

she went and got someone else.
a sweet man.
she kisses but never tells.
cuz she still loves her old boyfriend.

gotta kiss the girl... while u can.
before you become the old boyfriend.
and before she gets a new man.
don't let the fairy tale end.


Saturday Night:
Went to the Lion's Den.
That's right, Nyccie and I went shopping with our Mothers at the lion's den.

Gas: 6$
Magnets: 8$
Porn: 15$
Nyccie's Expression@The Dildos...: PriceLess...