Friday, July 27, 2012


been updating my tumblr a lot recently. or at least I've been trying to. Got hooked on Burn Notice courtesy of Phoenix. listening to Hey Monday while she cleans house. still waiting for PUNK to say something on Twitter about Monday Night RAW! Was actually bored last night during wrestling. I ended up sneaking off with She-Devil to pick up pizza and talk. Can't wait to get moving out of this place, though... I love everyone here, but when it starts to get cold I'll be screwed. Sleeping outside in the summer is fine. Do it during a Michigan Fall/Winter - I'd be an idiot. And probably dead. So, major pass.
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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Got hold of my sister. She isn't mad at me.
Updated my twitter and tumblr accounts.
Talking to Mary.
Going to Bed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In other words ...


Cutting the Ties (Forget You) - Part 2


the zippers were all fine when you took the bags, so I guess you owe me a new duffel bag.... how are you paying for a bus? to where, when, and why? does this mean you aren't going back to kcc this fall? (I don't even know when classes start there, have to look that up I guess... I know Uilliam starts on the 4th of Sept). Yes, Uilliam wanted her on his friends list, *I* asked him.

as for drama, well, dear, welcome to the real world. the only thing tam has said was about you bringing shelby without permission, blocking her on fb, and probably bad-mouthing HER at sherideth's because apparently she had issues with another friend of sherideth's. and we all know how loyal we are to our friends. which I guess is why jamie isn't speaking to me now, because of your dramas.

whatever. believe me, there are worse things than being compared to *me*. I guess if I am so terrible, you don't still want to come back to live with us when I find a place?

have a safe and fun trip to wherever you are running away to....


That zipper wasn't working in the first place. It tearing off as a result of me trying to FIX it - seriously? And I'm not 100% sure I'm going on the bus ride - won't know for at least a week. Therefore, I don't know about KCC whose classes start Before Uilliam's - the last week of August. I *COULDN'T* ask Uilliam because - newsflash - he's OVER THERE WITH YOU!!!

I don't BAD MOUTH tam so you can both shove your vicious lies up your anal cavities! I simply state facts. As for PERMISSION! I have witnesses of me asking - tam is clearly mental to think I wouldn't. I asked if she could stay for several reasons - I'm not an idiot, a bitch, or a gambler! Plus, Shelby wouldn't have stayed the night if she didn't have permission, she made it very clear to Nitia & I!

I asked tam if she could stay a night or two - my exact words - and she told me to ask kevin who told me to go back and ask tam because she was in charge. and i did. and i told her that. as for her being all upset i wasn't there the next morning - i had TOLD her i was staying at NITIA'S that night so I WOULDN"T BE LATE to BABYSIT her SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!

As for Jamie not talking to you - I had nothing to do with that. I haven't even told her, or Moni & Robert, any - I REPEAT *ANY* - of the details!

As for being compared to the woman who can't refer to me as her DAUGHTER, who never uses my NAME in any conversations/comments/etc unless it's to TAG ME, and can't even be bothered to answer my calls or stop helping her FRIENDS LIE ABOUT ME - gee I wonder why it would upset me!?

I love you mom - but I don't have to like you. And I guess you're right - clearly I can't trust you enough to live with you.

Incidentally - if I leave, I'm not "running away." I'd be heading towards new and better opportunities.

You really are too negative.

Needless to say, I've finally snapped. I'm fed up with all of this.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cutting the Ties (Forget You)

The following is my reaction to my Mother (of ALL PEOPLE) acting the way she has been with her so-called Friend behind my back. You tell me if you find it over the top...

-------I cannot believe you... Stop calling me "clonelet" because I'm sick of being compared to you. As for Tam's bullshit behind my back - I wasn't doing any of that so she can shut it. Also, the "that cost her" comment she made can be shoved in a very dark cave to rot because I am sick of all her Twisted Fucked Up Drama. There's a reason I blocked her. As for Uilliam's Stuff! I didn't accept her because I didn't KNOW IF HE WANTED TO DO SO! Maybe you should have thought about that before just accusing me of shit behind my back like I wouldn't find out.-------

The following is just one example of why I finally snapped about it:

Lyn McRae- Why in the world would you think I sound like my clone? ROFL...
Saturday at 10:06pm
Ivy Riversong- A clone of you would be much less inconsiderate.
Saturday at 10:09pm via mobile
Lyn McRae- I'm Inconsiderate? I'm sorry hon! what did i do/say? Whatever it was, I apologize! Coz I loves ya like a book! ♥♥♥
Saturday at 10:21pm
Ivy Riversong- Thought I said a clone of you would be much LESS inconsiderate. As in less than that which you call clone is... not as in less than you are. Geesh. lol.
Saturday at 10:30pm
Lyn McRae- AAAAAhhhhhh. Ok, that makes sense then. Thanks for clearing that up, I was all confuzzled! Glad to know I didn't do something stupid after all! (well, nothing more stupid than my usual stupid.....)
Saturday at 10:31pm

First off - I wasn't inconsiderate... I asked - she said yes. She changed her mind in the morning and decided to lie to EVERYONE about what really happened. I'm more than sick of it all. I haven't said a Word about her drama but now - I'm fed up! I am one of the most considerate people in the State for Crying Out Loud! I'd have to be considering that - yes I'm saying it - my MOTHER and STEPFATHER are/were NOT considerate people! Pardon me for not being under everybody's THUMB anymore because I finally FUCKING REALIZED that the entire world's well-being is NOT my problem. It isn't my fault people fuck up and I'm through letting them SAY SO. In fact, here is my earlier FB status stating it more Clearly without nearly as much anger.

Alanda McRae - July 5:
Realized early this morning something pretty Epic... I am *NOT* responsible for other people's actions! More importantly - I won't be bullied into feeling guilty about everyone else's actions anymore. I'm Done With That! This is my life created by My Actions - mistakes and perfections both - and it will not be dictated by Guilt Trips and Hold Backs, won't be affected by people's Lies and Hypocrisy... Don't think you can handle that? Then get the fuck out of my life... because that's what this is: MY LIFE!

Do you know the Worst Part of all this? It isn't that my own mother is partaking in gossip like a hypocrite - about Her Own Daughter, no less. Nope. That really doesn't shock me. It's that I woke up in a great, outstanding, happy, excited, ecstatic mood and actually believed today was going to be Amazing rather than Rotten like it so often is... Leave it to HER to fuck with my emotions - again!

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Friday, July 6, 2012