Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow the Story portrayed in the Pictures... Or don't... there is no try.

Not for the Faint of Heart!

Alright. I'm not sure which is the weirder of the 2 dreams I had last night...

First, I dreamt of -well- having hot & heavy sex with (you guessed it) Ted Raimi...
On a couch. In my own apartment... It was weird. I never have detailed sex dreams,
let alone really great orgasms in my sleep. Yes, that was plural on purpose.
I always thought T.R. was cute, but I'm still uncertain where this recent fascination stems from.

Later, I followed that dream up with one about joining the Power Rangers... I was a Black Ranger.
Not for the awesome, ORIGINAL Rangers, either... I was a Time Force Ranger... So weird.

What is oddest is that I would have both these dreams in one night. Weirder still is that I'd have 2 dreams
in one night in the first place... I'm still unsettled I even remember them both. I usually fight hard to
regain images from my dreams, so it really is weird.

Hell, these dreams are *so* kooky I won't even say the words out loud. So, if I ever feel the need to
talk about them, I'll have to have Tia read it on here first. LOL!

I seriously never, ever, have sex dreams. Yes, I realize I'm more hung up on that than I am Ted Raimi's
featuring in it. Or that I became a freakin' Power Ranger. I'll admit, normal people would focus on these.
Because I understand these portions of my mind, I'm not too concerned. I watch Power Rangers with
the kids I babysit - no big deal. I was a huge fan as a child growing up. Heck, I'm more surprised it was
Rangers instead of Ninja Turtles, if I'm honest. Besides, what person doesn't dream of being a superhero
at some point in life? So I was a Ranger instead of Wonder Woman - big deal... -_-
As for Ted Raimi - *shrugs.* I had a crush on his character O'Neil from SeaQuest. Also on his character,
Joxer, from Xena. Plus, Tia has been playing Evil Dead Regeneration before bed quite a lot the past few
days or so. I'm not too concerned with it. I'll admit, most people are probably wondering why it's Ted Raimi
instead of Bruce Campbell if she's been playing that video game so often... Frankly, Bruce Campbell is awesome
but, even if they were only dreams, I'm pretty sure Tia would get jealous and kill me over it. (J.k.)
Truth, he's awesome...but not really my type. :(:

Now, I'm off to find food. Orgasms make a girl hungry, don't you know?

May your thoughts and comments all be entertaining!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eat That, SparkleButt


"Eat that, SparkleButt." Sky says when Jericho goes after Ziggler. (5 year olds are *so* cute!)
I literally fall off the couch and onto the floor when Jericho loses... I do everything but cry,
I am so upset to see him go! I still can't believe his contract has been terminated and that he's
now gone from the WWE.

Missing Summer Slam was bad enough, but all this drama just busts up my mind.
I wanted to kick Paul DumbF**k in the face when he called BROCK JERKFACE LESNER
the new King of Kings. "Triple H is the ONLY King of Kings!" to quote Phoenix.
Damn straight. I ran right to Twitter to post that quote of hers when she spoke it.

I'll admit Sheamus didn't win fairly at Summer Slam. However, I don't give a shit because the
referee made that call. I'll also concede Sheamus' behavior tonight was less than mature.
Again, I don't care - I got a kick out of it! I was laughing my ass off throughout Del Rio &
Randy Orton's match... I loved when Orton won and I certainly loved everything Sheamus had
to say.

Normally, I'm a huge PUNK fan. Tonight, however, I must say I agreed with JOHN CENA a
hundred percent. While I also believe PUNK deserved the apology from Jerry... I don't think
kicking him in the head was worth it. If anything, his search for Respect is actually costing him
the Respect he had to start with. I respected him plenty, even after everything, until tonight. I don't
think I can say I still respect him after that HEEL move... One can't demand respect from people as
if they are mindless yuppie zombies who'll do anything one says simply because one says something.
Acting like we won't realize it's how he's treating his fans (and everyone else's fans) isn't going to get him
anywhere. *Sigh.*

When KANE snapped on ZACK, his freaking PARTNER, I just started getting fed up with the whole night.
Yes, DANIEL BRYAN ran off like a COWARD. Yes, KANE was FRUSTRATED. However, going after your
partner instead of your OPPONENT'S PARTNER is hardly Fair or Worth Watching.

"I'm imagining something Amazing." Sydney (7 years old) said at the end of RAW, and all I could think is -
"So am I, kid... So am I." Thankfully, I have a Kick-Ass imagination and Creativity up the WaZoo...
Eventually, a bunch of happy thoughts will enter my head and I'll quit feeling so Jipped. That is how I feel
right now... Jipped. Upside, Orton won his match with Del Rio... and Sin Cara won his match... Suppose I'll
just have to be content with that, if nothing else.

I should really go to bed soon. I'm sitting for Phoenix's little sisters tomorrow while she's at work...

Monday, August 20, 2012


I updated my tumblr today. It has a great post on it about something which happened yesterday. I totally suggest you check it out because I don't feel like retyping the entire thing. http://eveofdestruction-havoc.tumblr.com/

To my avid readers, I hope you enjoy! <3