Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just finished the Write Up for my Abnormal Psych class.
Here's hoping that nothing I ever write gets shown to my mother.
She's the person I'm interviewing for my Behavioral Project.
I love her dearly but let's face it - she's got issues.
Anyways, professionally we wouldn't be allowed to do interview friends or relatives.
However, this is just a class so we get away with it.
Thankfully. Because she's the only person I have steady access to who's willing to let me bug them this way.
She's in one of her DBF's, so if any of my readers know her... Go send her some love on her facebook page or something.
I could study for my Anthropology test I have on Tuesday. Or start early on my Critical Thinking paper for D-psych.
But something tells me my mind won't focus on it.
I have a song in my head so I'm hoping that by listening to Glee's version of I Dreamed a Dream will eventually wash it out of my head.
I love this song. Sad to say, it just connects with me.
I hope all my friends and family and inbetweens are doing well.
I promise to write or something eventually.
Or in Glenna's & Amanda's cases, I promise to get stamps!
Here's hoping I still have enough $$ left over after car & glasses etc to be able to get my Passport.
Otherwise I may as well forget the Peru trip that KCC is doing.
I may get to do it if everything else goes well.
I have to go,
10:48 P.M.


Listening to music. Just got done editing my MP3 player.
I have several pictures on there, too. Mostly of my sister.
A few of Nitia, my brother, mom, and Erika...
I had some of other awesome people, but the pix were too dark to make out on my tiny screen.
:( This was a sad revelation. I wrote a poem yesterday.
I'd say more but I do have class at some point today and as such am going to bed.
-12:19 A.M.

Okay. It's a more reasonable hour. I skipped rehearsal tonight. (It doesn't actually start for another 40 minutes, but still.)
Robert will be mad, but I'd like to point out that I basically sit there ALL NIGHT waiting for my cue to hand up a mimed chair.
We still haven't gotten a lot of props yet. That's all I do in the first act, though.
I'm not complaining. I simply see no point in being there tonight when I could get a bus home and not feel like hell.
Besides, Karma seemed to not like this anyway. After all, I wound up sitting next to The Stalker for an hour on the bus.
And if anyone's ever been on a city bus, they'll know the seats are practically on top of each other.
I know it was accidentally (most of the time,) but if he touched my thigh one more time I was going to hit him.
Plus, I walked home in the damn rain. Ugh. I feel sicker than I did this morning, which really sucks.
And all I can think about is how badly I want to call Nitia. :(

-5:17 P.M.


9 26 2011

Carrie Fisher is freakin' SEXY!
Even now... I don't give a damn if she isn't a size 2 anymore (or whatever her size really was) because she rocks!
She's older. That's what time DOES to people! I can't believe people have so much difficulty with this concept.
She kicks ass. End of freakin' story. Get over it.



I was watching Labyrinth for the first time in a while...
All I could think was how much I used to LOVE the owl in the opening credits.
Now all I can think is, "It was good for the 80's but now..."
Don't get me wrong, I would NEVER remake Labyrinth! Ever!
And if I did, I'd hate having a perfect CG owl in the opening credits.
The upside to the CG not being so perfect is that it lends more credence to the Fantasy feeling.
I want the freaking soundtrack to this movie. I *love* Labyrinth... but David Bowie's music definitely is a plus...
Sadly, I relate to the character of Sarah... I'm sure it's something I'll get over.


I have to get some sleep tonight, even if I didn't finish my homework.
I need to be up by 7 and gone by 7:30 A.M.
I am scheduled for ATP work at 10 this morning. So naturally my sleep will be a tad messed up.
With luck I'll be able to make time to type up (DIRECTLY) my presentation for Schizophrenia.
I'm not holding my breath. I'm just crossing my fingers.
As it is, I've done the research; I simply haven't typed up my presentation.
I'm terrified, plus I have a cold. Ugh.
Wish me luck. I need it.
12:04 A.M.


I had one helluva day. ATP was disconcerting. I mean, in itself it was great.
In relation to me, I'm nervous. I start Monday morning. I'm hoping for the nursing option.
Anyways, lunch was awesome! I ate 2 barbecue chicken sandwiches, salad, yogurt, milk.
It was great. I also had a donut but that is besides the point.
I even did a little bit of Spanish homework... a little.
Love you guys.
7:34 P.M.


getting ready to leave for the bus.
thank heavens for caffeine!
i have an assignment due today so i get to work my ass off on that one.
oh the joy is killing me.
wish me luck!
-Raindancer (7:59 P.M.)


Alright. This is just a thought...but Sarah Michelle Gellar should totally guest-star on Castle!
My original idea is that she's related to Beckett somehow, but that probably wouldn't work.
They look nothing alike. However, Ryan should have a cousin or something. Totally.
SMG's character would be a Druggie in Rehab... totally. I mean, I know that isn't a nice role or anything,
but I totally think she could pull it off. Besides, it would be easier to fit into a storyline than, say, a teacher
or a waitress... don't you think?
I had an entire story behind this, but then I started changing the base-elements and it totally made my memory go "bye."
(Sorry I keep saying "totally" all the time!)
I'll try to get back to this with more detail later!

-Raindancer (Alanda McRae)