Monday, August 29, 2011


Alright, i have a ton of pix i wanted to post in my blogs but unfortunately after ONE picture my blog is not letting me add more... sorry for the inconvenience but more will come eventually.!.


For your entertainment.

yesterday part 2... is actually today in both cases. whoops!

alright. i'm up. i'm considering doing my hair today.
after all, i did dye it last night.
not sure what i'm going to wear today.
i didn't plan on going to the library until tomorrow, but mom has an appointment tomorrow...
so today's the day. oh the joy. you can tell i'm thrilled.
i just hope i get everything done. or at least more than usual.
i've been slacking lately because i got hooked on Sim's Social on facebook...
i blame my sister. LOL. but it's okay. now if i get about 6 videos uploaded to youtube today, i'll be thrilled.
nevermind the amount i have WAITING to be posted.
when i'm bored, i make videos... it's a vice.
i have a cold. you can tell i'm thrilled with that.
it sucks. mucus is disgusting. oy. i just hope it goes away before my classes start thursday.
sorry i'm not properly capitalizing everything... i'm just tired.
love you all...

yesterday part 1

First off - I finally finished watching Pretty in Pink with my mom... We both have decided we're in love with Duckie.
I had to tell her about 8 times that his character IS, in fact, straight. I agree it's hard to believe because he's a DECENT HUMAN BEING!
That's a *rare* thing in itself. Anyways, we've decided that they need to make a sequel...
Where Stef is both the CAFETERIA COOK and the JANITOR... We even came up with a reason for his being both...
Obviously he lost all his money because karma's a bitch. However, that isn't the end of it!
He needs 2 jobs to support his family because his wife is an alcoholic who can't hold a job.
And he has 6 kids in addition to that. 2 sets of twins. Oh yes, we went all out with this one...
The best part, you ask? DUCKIE is the Principal & head of the school-board!
Yeah, we gave Duckie the task/pleasure of being Stef's *boss!*
Isn't it every underdog's dream to be in charge of the jerks?
Granted, if there was a sequel... we'd need to find a way to fit Andi & Blaine into the storyline...
Not sure how that would be managed since Blaine was *not* my favorite character...
Andi was alright... but then... she could have been better.
Also, Iona would *have* to come back! Totally... and Jenna... (even if her's was a small part... she was a great character!)
Jennifer Tilly would have to have a part in the film somewhere... she's a MUST!
Alright... I'll try to change the subject...
Amanda called today. That was a fun, albeit SHORT, conversation!
I miss that girl like crazy!
Also, I am happy to report I am now capable of wearing (semi-comfortably) my size 16 jeans!
Yeah, so it isn't a SMALLER size, but I'm okay with that.
Especially since this particular pair have always been my favorite article of clothing.
Besides, if you walk about 4 miles every week plus all the house-walking you are bound to lose some pounds.
You people should SEE all the picture frames I have...my poor book-shelf is COVERED in them.
On top of it, rather than using the shelf-space, of course... well, MOSTLY!
It's a small shelf and until I get my room atop my dresser, it'll have to do.
I have so much left to unpack. I'm not looking forward to it.
Especially when considering that mom plans on moving before Uncle Brian comes to live with us.
I don't blame her. This house is no place for a blind person... for any person, really.
I mean, really? It's FREEZING in my room at night. I actually wonder if there's insulation here.
Back to P.i.P. for a minute - here are a few of my fave quotes...
"Off like a dirty shirt." "I live to like you." "I would have died for you!"
"Volcanic ensemble." "May I admire you again today?" "They just don't write love songs like they used to."
"If you don't go after him I will never take you to another Prom again. This is a romantic moment & you are ruining it for me."
- Duckie (some of these are paraphrased b/c my memory is Johnny Rotten.)

"Someone doesn't believe in me, I can't believe in them." "He's not like the others."
"Me hating him because he's rich is just as bad as them hating us because we're not."
"I want to let them know they didn't break me." "I admire you."
- Andi (paraphrasing was used)

"Does he have Strong Lips?" "I'm old enough to be his mother but when he kissed me I swear my thighs went on fire!"
"It was the first and last time I was normal. Relatively speaking."
"Applause, applause, applause!" "Well, you could say that Life is a stupid tradition, but don't analyze it...just Go."
"Either it's all those drugs I did in the 60's or I'm really in Love."
"I'm good in bed does that mean I should be a whore?"
- Iona (also paraphrased)

"You buy everything, Stef. You couldn't buy her. That's it, isn't it? She thinks you're shit... and deep down, you know she's right."
- Blaine (possibly paraphrased...)

My favorite scenes in the movie are ultimately Duckie's dance scene and when he throws himself onto Andi's bed...
I also love it when he kisses Iona... Her eyes got so big, it was brilliant!
Why couldn't there be more guys like Duckie's character? *sigh* Oh well...
Sometimes don't you just hate living in the Real World?


august 26th...

Alright! I have gotten ALL of my books & got the new sticker for my dumb I.D.
Still haven't gotten the mail that got lost & sent back to the school... oy.
It's as though no one is ever IN! I get to check AGAIN before/after class...
Probably after. Anyways, my classes start this upcoming Thursday.
I am still not looking forward to it, but at least I know where everything is.
I can't wait til I get my FAFSA check, though. I don't fancy walking home twice a week.
Not when I know that our oh-so-lovely days are getting "shorter."
Plus, I have no idea how to get home from there without help from the bus system.
My life is so whacked. Right now I'm listening to NSYNC of all things.
Oh, nevermind. The song just changed over to "From Where I'm Standing."
The artist is practically unknown, which is kind of depressing.
Schuyler Fisk. *shrugs.*
I suppose it is too much to ask that everyone know who I'm talking about when I bring up tunes.
Just got done going picture crazy. Facebook will be pleased. :p
Even got mom in a few. Now *that* was a difficult task.
Did some videos, too. I've already edited them into 1 video to post on bro's facebook, like he asked.
Currently, I am almost finished reading CAST-OFF COVEN by Juliet Blackwell.
It's the second book in her series. Anyways, I *really* want to refresh myself on my Spanish.
Unfortunately, it's a new book... so I can't unwrap it if I decide to drop the class early on.
Or else they won't let me return it. Ugh.
Oh well. I probably won't drop it, but you never know.
If I don't like the first 2 classes, I'll consider the option.
I doubt if I would do it, though. I'm so damned spiteful. LOLz!
I can't wait til Friday! I just hope my friends have time free to hang.
I'm listening to Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit. Proof of my mood, if nothing else.
Always makes me feel better, though. Even if it is 30% or so made up of swears.
I look super great today, so that's a plus. AND!!!! I didn't even put on make-up!
XD (Easy Way Out - Pink Spiders... love this song!)
My music is so broad it sometimes disturbs people.
I have my windows FUCKING CLOSED and yet I can still smell the WEED that the asshole landlord's cronies are smoking?!
How the HELL is that supposed to be "okay?!"
I really can't wait to get away from this place. You know, we *still* don't have a key to the place...
It's ridiculous! With any luck, we'll be able to move to someplace BIGGER with an ACTUAL LEGAL RENT AGREEMENT!
This shit is so offensive!
On the upside, Uncle Brian will soon be moving in with us... I think this is a good thing.
I'm not really sure. I mean, I like him... not that I know him well... but considering this place,
I just hope we get to a better place BEFORE he gets here... otherwise - not good for blind folks.
Though how he's going to cope with GEORGE while he's here is a mystery to me.
They've never actually met. So that's got to be fun... yikes.
Anyways, I'd love to ramble on some more about the FUN LIFE IN BC: Butt Crack, but we need to start tearing apart my bed to rearrange everything...
The joy is overwhelming... (sense the sarcasm??) LOL.
Later All!

5:32 P.M.

august 25th...

Alright - t's almost midnight, but it still counts as today.
Anyways, I'm suffering from a very persistent migraine.
I get to go to kcc tomorrow, if all goes well, to get all my junk done.
Here's hoping. As it is, I just want my head to stop hurting.
My classes start on the first. Oh, I am *not* excited.
I would be, but I'm not sure about how I feel on the whole issue.
I miss my friends, my life.
However, for all who are interested, I will be in UC on the 2nd.
The day after my classes start. Not sure how I feel about that.
But the plan is for us to get bro's bday pizza.
And for Tam to touch up my tat. It needs it. Badly.
If I remember, I'll ask her about the cost of colouring in the eyes.
They totally need to be green w/their black pupils...
Just doesn't look right otherwise. Regardless of what my mother keeps saying.
I miss my sister like crazy - and I'm understating that.
I really miss my medication, too.
I am not looking forward to doing my bloodwork.
But I have to before they'll refill my prescription. Which is totally bogus.
I mean, I have a fucking MOOD DISORDER!
How hard is it for people to figure out that this isn't something which will go away and be all happyful...?
I've been off my meds for 2 and a half months people!
You're not going to get much of a positive reaction/response from me.
I love my pillow. That's all I'm going to say on the stupid subject.
Besides, I need to pass out so I can actually get up in the morning.

11:57 P.M.

august 24th...

David Spader was amazing on Boston Legal... but after FINALLY watching Pretty in Pink from start to finish,
I don't think I can love him as much as I used to.
I will say that P.i.P. is going on my list of Favorite Movies...
Tied even with Breakfast Club. I haven't seen 16 Candles yet, but I will.
Duckie is definitely my favorite character (aside from Iona) and if I ever find a guy who is as amazing as his character,
I am totally going to snatch him up. Jon Cryer - you are amazing.
Now, if only I could get my Judd Nelson fix for the night. As it is, it's been storming for about 5 hours straight.
So I am going to skip dinner & take a train to Land of the Snooze...
If they ever decide to do a remake or a sequel to this awesome film, I am SO first in line...
as long as there aren't any lousy casting choices, you know?


12:48 A.M.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh Boy....

We've decided to forgo the KCC stuff today. We woke up late and had to choose & since our stuff was due TODAY... it was pretty easy. So we are either going on Thursday or Friday... First we need to speak with a friend about whether we can ride with her or if we'd have to use up even MORE of the bus passes I need in order to make it to classes. :/ I feel so energetic today... not really. Just tired. But I will get through it. Maybe I'll make pizza when I get home today. Maybe.

August 22nd 2011 (yesterday)

I was going through some old audio-recordings on my laptop today.
It was an interesting time, to say the least.
My friends (past & present) are beyond weird.
The things we talked about... *shakes head*
Some of the things stood out so much that I wrote them down an took pictures.
They are definitely going up on my facebook.
Today's the day I'm supposed to get my books for class.
However, I will possibly wind up putting it off til Wednesday.
(Insert sad face here.)
Today I'm exhausted and mom has to register little bro for school, so I'm not going anywhere.
Tomorrow, I need to return my books & movies to the library.
I refuse to be late with that stuff... The fees are just ridiculous.
Plus, their rules are totally messed up.
What I mean to say is that when UNION CITY LIBRARY has a better system, you know there's a problem.
Especially when you consider that UC doesn't even have a decent selection - if you can call it a selection at all.
Regardless of the extreme amount of walking I'll be doing, I really am looking forward to this semester.
An entire schedule of classes I actually *wanted* AND getting out of the house - what could be better?
Now if I can just figure out how I'm going to:
Attend Classes
Do Homework
Update My Blog
Sims Social
Have Downtime
Brush my Teeth/Hair
and BREATHE.... ?
Not to mention, I'd like to maintain my A-B average while I'm at it...
In any case, I'll try do everything well and not stretch myself too thin.
Though, to be honest, much more of this and I'll be a pro at it.
I suddenly feel myself yearning for High School.
Well, for the easy assignments/time with friends/free lunches/close proximity of the building itself.
The teachers - for the most part - I can do without.
I'll admit that I miss O.J. for English.
She was awesome! Sisco was great, too.
Parkison was an awesome Sub...
As it is, I can't keep my teachers straight this semester because at least 3 of them have "M" last names...
I'm still unsure about my Spanish teacher's name. It wasn't listed...
Well, it's 2:31 A.M. I should be getting to bed so I can get up in a few hours.

9:29 P.M.

I am going to get my books tomorrow instead. At least, that's the plan.
Then, we are going to the library to return stuff & get online.
Hopefully, I'll be able to finish emailing PHOENIX the videos from her birthday.
Considering it's been a full month since her birthday took place, I should get in gear.
Has it really been *that long*!? Damn.
Little bro has officially been enrolled. Now all we have to do is get all his school supplies & find a ride for him to get to the open-house.
This should be interesting. Considering we're broke.
He has to take Spanish because of the new Laws & shit. He threw a fit.
He doesn't even care that Mom & I'll be able to help him...
I mean, Mom took it in High School & relearned everything when Sis & I took it...
Plus, I'm refreshing myself this semester by taking a Spanish course as well...
I'm willing to bet College Spanish is more difficult than 8th grade Spanish, so he can quit complaining.
He also gets to take Art. Lucky brat. AND CHOIR!
I am TOTALLY jealous!
I am so incredibly grateful for the Voltaren in my system right now.
Stupid cramps are 98% gone because of it. (Insert SUPER SMILEY here)
I have, currently, Dirty Laundry (Lisa Marie Presley's not the other chick's - totally different lyrics) on repeat.
It is just so... real. People really are like that, whether we care to admit it or not.
I'm reading "Secondhand Spirits" by Juliet Blackwell. Started reading it today and didn't stop until about 4 hours ago.
And only then because I needed to write in my JOURNAL.
Yes, I still keep a journal. Anyways, I'm about halfway through it.
It's difficult to find books that maintain my interest like that.
It didn't used to be, but people's standards for what constitutes as Literature have gone down considerably in the past decade.
Alright. I have a DVD to watch.
Raindancer LalahFreak

9:40 P.M.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yay more about ME


the above is a link to a really awesome song and you all should listen to it... because it is possibly my favorite.

Alright. I really can't stand this place.
The sooner I get out of here, the better.
I've gotten beyond sick of dealing with my step-father.
He bitches because I point out that he spends his money "foolishly."
Truthfully, he's reckless. It's disgusting, really.
We have enough *stuff* without him buying more that we don't need.
Then he has the nerve to say that I "do nothing" all day.
Excuse me?! I'm sorry but my classes - I'm a *full-time* student - s
tart in less than 3 weeks.
Why would I try to get a job when I know I'd have to quit so suddenly?
It'd be irresponsible! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do all my school-work,
let alone add an actual job to that.
He can bitch & moan all he wants, but he has no right to treat me in such a way!
I miss my sister. She understood it.
After my next semester, I'll be taking the Spring semester off.
I'll find a job then.
In the Autumn I'll go to a 4 year Uni of some sort & get the Hell out of here...
I can't wait to get my Bachelor's & my Master's in Psychology.
Don't misunderstand me - I'd much rather be working on my music.
However, I really just want to help people.
I'd prefer it to be through my lyrics/vocals, but I'll take being a counselor if I absolutely need to.
I really don't want to think about being here when Winter gets around.
This place is a death-trap.
In the mean-time, I'll be drawing up Grocery Lists.
Oh, I can't wait for Anthropology to start.
I'm in the middle of a book called "Obsessions can be Murder."
It's by Connie Shelton. I'm 8 chapters in and I can't find a reason to reccomend it.
At all. It sounded good from the description, but thus far... it's a let down.
Maybe I'll change my mind by the end of it; I'm not holding my breath.
The plan for tonight is Chicken Noodle Casserole...
Beverages to choose from are: Water, Grape Kool-Aid, & Hot Cocoa.
I really wish there was something to take my mind off things.
All I can think about is just how much I detest this place.
Sad, since I've been trying to do this Positive Thinking idea I found in one of the Wicca Books I found in the Library.
It worked for a while, but being around certain people always tends to make things more difficult for me.
Upside - I've lost almost 30 pounds. Downside - still haven't gotten my meds.
Thankfully, I still have music to keep me going.
I just need to remember that I can do this... I really hope I can do this...
Because sometimes I wonder about that... If I can really do it or if I'm just kidding myself.

10:44 P.M.